On the uselessness of devops posts

Posted on June 17, 2015

This is a really quick post, but it’s pretty staggering to me how useless nearly every blog post on ‘devops’ is. I think I’ve found maybe two sites that have relevant, useful information, with the rest being somewhere between uninformative, noise, and jargon.

The rest of the sites out there – like the first page when you Google for ‘devops’ – are just noise. The posts are really just the same things reposted over and over, written in slightly different form. Where are the actual articles about how to actually do anything? What is EMR, and how do you actually use it? How do you set up YARN on a cluster – and how do you even build that cluster? All of these sites and blog posts are written from insiders who already know what they’re doing, but I guess they don’t want to share that information. Really disappointing.

Now, two sites that I think are really great. First, credit goes to Chris Fidao and Servers for Hackers. He’s done a really great job building up posts and videos on how to actually do devops. I also like the videos on Sysadmin Casts, though I wish they posted more.

Anyway, as I stumble through this world, I’m going to try to post about it. More on that as it develops.

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