Hey, I'm Greg.

I am a seasoned back-end/full-stack software and DevOps engineer and team leader with experience seeing projects from kickoff to production. I’ve completed many projects, including those for Alexa Top 1000 sites, multinational corporations, brands, and entertainment and publishing companies. I believe that one size does not fit all, but rather that each problem has its own unique challenges that require an equally unique solution. With an understanding of different technologies across the board, I am able to pick the most efficient, long-lasting solution for any sized project, from the smallest one-page site to a full system that scales to handle millions of hits per month.

I’m well-versed with a wide array of different technologies. I’ve worked largely in LAMP stacks using PHP5, MySQL, and HTML5/CSS, but am also knowledgeable on Node.js and Python. I have experience with the Laravel and Symfony frameworks (PHP), WordPress (PHP), Express.js and Meteor (Node.js), and Django (Python). I’ve worked with frontend libraries such as KnockoutJS, frameworks such as AngularJS, and build tools such as Grunt and Gulp. In terms of infrastructure, I am extremely well versed in Amazon Web Services (AWS), development at scale, caching strategies, and continuous deployment.

My background is in computer science and Japanese. I am well-spoken and can communicate effectively across disciplines. I enjoy taking complex issues and breaking them down, often through diagrams or visual flows, so that all can understand. Broadly speaking, I love building awesome things and helping to make people’s lives easier and more efficient through the use of technology. I am constantly learning, from spoken languages, to computer science and technological issues, and anything else I can get my hands on.

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Basic setup for s6 and s6-overlay in Docker

Nearly all of our containers are running supervisor as the main process. While it’s been solid and reliable, I’d like to move past it to something with less dependencies. In this case, we’re not using Python at all, so having to have both Python 2 and 3 installed seems superfluous. Enter s6, skarnet’s supervisor suite, […]

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